Hiking Publications

“The Grand Canyon and the Illusion of Wisdom: The Grandview Loop.” TrailGroove, Issue 54, page 17. https://www.trailgroove.com/issue54.html

“New Heights: The Guadalupe Mountains of Texas,” TrailGroove, Issue 53 (page 81) https://www.trailgroove.com/issue53.html?autoflip=81

The Grand Canyon, Rim to River on the Hermit Trail, TrailGroove, Issue 52, Page 17


Spring on the Buffalo River Trail, A Botanical Adventure, TrailGroove, Issue 51 https://www.trailgroove.com/issue51.html?autoflip=45

A Tale of Two Panhandles: Hiking the Distant Corners of Oklahoma and Texas, TrailGroove Magazine, Issue 50 https://www.trailgroove.com/issue50.html?autoflip=91

An Outlaws’ Retreat: Hiking at Robbers Cave State Park, TrailGroove blog, March 19, 2021 https://www.trailgroove.com/blogs/entry/239-an-outlaws-retreat-hiking-in-robbers-cave-state-park/

Step by Step (hiking), Oklahoma Today, March/April 2021

Keeping it Wild, Oklahoma Living Magazine, March 2021. https://www.okl.coop/sections/oklahoma-stories/keeping-it-wild/

Arkansas: Natural Treasure, OutdoorX4, Issue 37

Devil’s Eyebrow Natural Area, northwest Arkansas (for TrailGroove)

Devil’s Eyebrow: Hard Hiking in Northwest Arkansas, TrailGroove Blog, May 2020
Devil’s Eyebrow

Pueblo Bonita, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (for OutdoorX4)

A Day and a Night in Chaco Canyon, OutdoorX4, Issue 35
Chaco Canyon – OutdoorX4 Issue 35

TrailGroove Blog Posts
A Hike in Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest
Shenandoah National Park: Hiking Back East for a Change

Hiking Oklahoma: Where East Meets West, TrailGroove, Issue 42
Hiking Oklahoma

Hiking the Escalante: Colors and Canyons, TrailGroove Magazine, Issue 41

Slot Canyons Without the Crowds, OutdoorX4, Issue 29
Slot Canyons – OutdoorX4 Issue 29

Seeking Solitude in a Canyon of the Ancients, TrailGroove, Issue 39, page 17

If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It, OutdoorX4, Issue 26


Empty Spaces, Hidden Adventure, TrailGroove, Issue 35

Geological Wonder: 3 Dayhikes in the Ozarks, Trailgroove blog:
TrailGroove blog/Ozarks

Six Best State Parks in Oklahoma, matadornetwork.com, 7/11/17
6 Best State Parks

Canyonessence, TrailGroove, Issue 34

West Fork Oak Canyon, Sedona, Arizona (for TrailGroove)

Sedona Sampler, TrailGroove blog:
TrailGroove blog/Sedona Sampler

Land of Fire and Ice, OutdoorX4, Issue 16, September/October 2016
Land of Fire and Ice OutdoorX4

Waiting for Daylight, TrailGroove, Issue 29
Waiting for Daylight TrailGroove

Going Wild: The Oklahoma Today Camping Guide, April/May 2016 (with Bill Dragoo)

The Timeless Ouachitas, OutdoorX4, Issue 7
The Timeless Ouachitas – OutdoorX4 Issue 7

The Lost Girls Ride Again, TrailGroove Magazine, Issue 24
The Lost Girls Ride Again TrailGroove Issue 24

Calculating Adventure, OutdoorX4, Issue 9
Calculating Adventure – OutdoorX4 Issue 9

Clearing the Path, Arkansas Living magazine, September 2014

Grand Gulch: A Magical Connection, TrailGroove magazine, Issue 17

Eagle Rock Loop, TrailGroove magazine, Issue 14

The Ouachita Trail, TrailGroove magazine, Issue 10

Wilderness Boundary (unpublished essay)
Colorado 2006 103

Edmond Outlook article, Adventure Travelers, by Heide Brandes

The Art of the Squatty Potty (unpublished essay)


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