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Empowering Students

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The Reel Wild West

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Oklahoma Standard

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Devil’s Eyebrow

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Chaco Canyon – OutdoorX4 Issue 35

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Unexpected Treasures

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Deep Ozarks Expedition Portal

Overland Journal Gear Guide 2020

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RoadRunner January/February2020

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RoadRunner Travel

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The Loose Hill Start: Brownies, Rock and Roll, and Dancing with the Girl What Brung Ya

TrailGroove Blog Posts
A Hike in Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest
Shenandoah National Park: Hiking Back East for a Change

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Dragoo-Butterfield Overland Mail Route

Hiking Oklahoma: Where East Meets West, TrailGroove, Issue 42
Hiking Oklahoma

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Tacoma GS – OutdoorX4 Issue 32

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Overland Journal Spring 2019

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Sea of Cortez – OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue 31

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butterfield ja18

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Slot Canyons – OutdoorX4 Issue 29

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Town on the Up, Oklahoma Today, May/June, 2018

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ADVMoto Sep 2018 – Feature – PHS – DART

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ADVMoto May 2018 – Maiden Voyage – review by Susan Dragoo

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ADVMoto Nov 2017 – Scorpion – Susan Dragoo

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ADVMoto 09-17 – Women of ADV – Susan Dragoo

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ADVMoto 09-17 – Dirty Dining review – Susan Dragoo

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TrailGroove blog/Ozarks

Six Best State Parks in Oklahoma,, 7/11/17
6 Best State Parks

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ADVMoto Jul 2017 – American Southwest – Debbie Shah

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TrailGroove blog/Sedona Sampler

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Lake Murray Oklahoma Today

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Trail of the Ancients

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Hidden Colorado – OutdoorX4 Issue 20

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Land of Fire and Ice, OutdoorX4, Issue 16, September/October 2016
Land of Fire and Ice OutdoorX4

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Waiting for Daylight TrailGroove

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Food Worth the Drive, Oklahoma Today, March/April 2016 (with Bill Dragoo)

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The Timeless Ouachitas – OutdoorX4 Issue 7

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, OutdoorX4, Issue 10 (photo credit mistakenly omitted).
Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route – OutdoorX4 Issue 10

Book Review, Grace and Grit, ADVMoto, March/April 2016
ADVMoto Mar 2016 – Grace & Grit – Susan Dragoo

The Comanche Trail, RoadRunner, August 2016 (with Bill Dragoo)
Comanche Trail_RoadRUNNER Aug16_Dragoo

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, Expedition Portal, April 2016
Click here

Big Bikes Bad Places, ADVMoto Magazine, January/February 2016
ADVMoto Jan 2015 – Big Bikes Bad Places – Susan Dragoo

The Lost Girls Ride Again, TrailGroove Magazine, Issue 24
The Lost Girls Ride Again TrailGroove Issue 24

Sequoyah Sunsets, Oklahoma Today, July/August 2015


Calculating Adventure, OutdoorX4, Issue 9
Calculating Adventure – OutdoorX4 Issue 9

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In History’s Footsteps, Oklahoma Today, March/April 2015

The Vanguard, Oklahoma Today, January/February 2015

Sing Us Home, Oklahoma Today, January/February 2015

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Clearing the Path, Arkansas Living magazine, September 2014

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Romantic Mountain Cabin, Medicine Park, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Today Magazine, May/June 2014

Cafe Samana and Dena’s Ethnic Cuisine, restaurant reviews. Oklahoma Today Magazine, May/June 2014

Eagle Rock Loop, TrailGroove magazine, Issue 14

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Into Comancheria – OutdoorX4 Issue 5

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The Ouachita Trail, TrailGroove magazine, Issue 10

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Visions of Comancheria

Wilderness Boundary (unpublished essay)
Colorado 2006 103

Edmond Outlook article, Adventure Travelers, by Heide Brandes

Into the Great North Woods, Adventure Rider Magazine, February/March 2010,

Ozark Dual Sport Ride, Rider Magazine, October 2009
Ozarks Dual Sport_Rider

Trail of the Ancients, Adventure Rider Magazine, Fall 2009
Trail of the Ancients Adv Rider Mag

His Head Her Head, Ride Oklahoma November 2008 (with Bill Dragoo)
His Head Her Head RideOK

The Longer Way Down (Into Africa book review), Ride Oklahoma
Into Africa_RideOK

Two Wheels Two Tales Two Continents (book reviews), Ride Oklahoma
Two Wheels Two Tales Two Continents_RideOK

The Art of the Squatty Potty (unpublished essay)


Motorcycles and Marathons (published in Adventure Motorcycle Dual Sport News)


Time Passages, Slice Magazine, August 2012

Plow and Seeder, Slice Magazine
Last Look_Plow and Seeder

Book Review: The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling, Adventure Motorcycle/Dual Sport News, July 2009

2009 Jul The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling

Healthcare Publications It Were Easy – Susan Dragoo Issue 26 OutdoorX4

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