Oklahoma History Publications

The Edwards Store, Latimer County, Oklahoma, built in 1850

Preserving the Okmulgee Colored Hospital, The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume XCIX, Number One, Spring 2021.

Marking the Butterfield: Retracing the Indian Territory Segment of the 1858-1861 Butterfield Overland Mail Stagecoach Road, The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume XCVII, Number One, Spring 2019 (Photos from the Oklahoma Historical Society archives shared with permission of the Oklahoma Historical Society.)
Dragoo-Butterfield Overland Mail Route

Oklahoma’s Early Forts, Oklahoma Living, January 2021.  Early Forts

Oklahoma: The “Reel” Wild West, RoadRunner, July/August 2020
The Reel Wild West

West World, Oklahoma Today Magazine, July/August 2019

Feeling the Road, Overland Journal, Spring 2019
Overland Journal Spring 2019

Post Haste, Oklahoma Today, July/August 2018
butterfield ja18

Town on the Up, Oklahoma Today, May/June, 2018

The Great Golden Way, Oklahoma Today, September/October 2016

The Path Breakers, Oklahoma Today, July/August 2016

The Comanche Trail, RoadRunner, August 2016 (with Bill Dragoo)
Comanche Trail_RoadRUNNER Aug16_Dragoo

In History’s Footsteps, Oklahoma Today, March/April 2015

The Vanguard, Oklahoma Today, January/February 2015

Sing Us Home, Oklahoma Today, January/February 2015

Into Comancheria, OutdoorX4 magazine, Issue 5 (with Bill Dragoo)
Into Comancheria – OutdoorX4 Issue 5

Kings of the Stone Age, Oklahoma Today, January/February 2014

Visions of Comancheria, Oklahoma Today, July/August 2013 (with Bill Dragoo)
Visions of Comancheria

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