Gallery: Sacred Indeed

It’s pristine, easy to access, and historically important. It’s also remote and seems to be relatively unknown, and the fact that few people know about it is probably a good thing. The grounds of Sacred Heart Abbey, near Konawa, Oklahoma are a place of peace and calm and mystery. It’s a quiet place to walk,Continue reading “Gallery: Sacred Indeed”

Plenty o’ Back Roads

Flowers on the prairie where the June bugs zoom Plenty o’ air and plenty o’ room (From “Oklahoma,” by Rodgers and Hammerstein)   Western Oklahoma.  For some, the words conjure up in the mind’s eye a straight ribbon of four-lane through flat, featureless land.  But they are the ones who have never been close toContinue reading “Plenty o’ Back Roads”

Today’s Time Warp: Fort Supply

Concertina wire draws my gaze away from the lenticular clouds shifting from flying saucers into mother ships in the western Oklahoma sky. We’ve been driving northwest from Woodward on Highway 270 looking for Fort Supply, and we should be there by now. The fence topped with razor wire clearly indicates we are approaching a prison,Continue reading “Today’s Time Warp: Fort Supply”

Gallery: Aventura en Baja

We had three perfect days in Baja California with Tiberio and Suzanna Esparza a few weeks ago. Four-wheeling in “side by sides” through the mountains and deserts of Baja, including a trip through the Parque Nacional Constitution de 1857, we had a rough and tumble time and ended our first day at the famous Mike’sContinue reading “Gallery: Aventura en Baja”

Gallery: Petit Jean State Park

One of the loveliest of Arkansas’ state parks is Petit Jean. The park is located in central Arkansas, about 75 miles northwest of Little Rock. I had visited there once before in the fall of 2010 to hike Seven Hollows Trail, when the foliage was at its most splendid (see photo above). This time, theContinue reading “Gallery: Petit Jean State Park”