Rocks and Dirt

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

“It’s all just rocks and dirt,” some say about travel. I feel that way sometimes too when I am road- or trail-weary. It all begins to look the same, and I question why I am so far from home. But it’s a feeling I eventually pass through, a kind of homesickness that is not surprising, and my awareness of the natural beauty around me — and the infinite variety God has created — returns. The trip we just completed contained elements of beauty, adventure, danger and fatigue. Remembering those experiences through photos and words — a day or two at a time — is my goal here.

It was three weeks ago today we left Norman, heading west May 11 in “The GS of Trucks,” our Toyota Tacoma, for a big adventure. We would visit friends in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, then meet up with more friends at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff. After a few days there we would “overland” through northern Arizona and into southern Utah with Chris and Laura Moxley, who were driving their new Jeep Rubicon. They would have to return home before we would, so we planned to finish our trip by completing the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route, ending at the Idaho border near Garden City, Utah. As it turned out, we would have no shortage of adventure.

It’s a long, long way across west Texas.

Bill and I left Norman about two in the afternoon and finally reached the New Mexico border at nearly 10. We stopped for the night at a Motel 6 in Hobbs, paying a $60 rate, typical of the fairly low lodging costs we would experience on the few days we “moteled it” on this trip.

Sunset, west Texas

We stopped the next day for a glimpse of White Sands National Monument, then arrived in Tucson that night for dinner and an overnight stay at the lovely home of our friends Mike and Edna Carson.

(To Be Continued)

The Carson home in Tucson
Blooming Agave

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