Grand in scale, a feast for the senses, a place of (at times) terrifying beauty, Canyonlands National Park ( is one of Utah’s many natural wonders. It preserves nearly 350,000 acres of towering spires, deep canyons and powerful rivers in the high desert of southeast Utah. One of its highlights is the White Rim Road,Continue reading “Canyonlands”

Return to Buckskin Gulch

A few years ago, Bill and I “discovered” (for ourselves, that is) Buckskin Gulch, the longest slot canyon in the southwest, or the world, or some such thing, depending on your source. It’s just north of the Arizona/Utah border in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument ( and is both spectacular and easy to access. ExploringContinue reading “Return to Buckskin Gulch”

Don’t Forget Winona

We left the Overland Expo the afternoon of Sunday, May 17 with Chris and Laura to drive north on the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, picking it up just east of Mormon Lake, where the expo was located. We had dry weather — a nice change — but made slow progress on the deeply rutted forestContinue reading “Don’t Forget Winona”

“Snoverland” Expo 2015

The weather was a challenge at this year’s Overland Expo (, where we camped in rain, snow and lots of mud for the annual gathering of adventure travelers from May 15-17. In spite of the weather, we enjoyed catching up with friends and all of the sights and sounds. Chris and Laura Moxley from NormanContinue reading ““Snoverland” Expo 2015″

Desert Paradise

Traveling from Tucson towards Flagstaff for the Overland Expo, we stopped for a visit with Bill’s old friend John Ragozzino, who lives in Fountain Hills, a suburb of Phoenix. John and his lovely girlfriend, Maya Civadelic, were incredibly gracious hosts. They fed us well, and we ate and drank way too much. Maya’s green thumbContinue reading “Desert Paradise”