Okmulgee Rising!

A renaissance is underway in my hometown of Okmulgee, Oklahoma with new investment in the downtown area by individuals and public institutions (especially OSU Institute of Technology). I visited a few weeks ago during the ChiliFest and had the opportunity to tour some of the downtown buildings where renovations are either planned or underway. These buildings made up the familiar cityscape of my childhood and most had fallen into disrepair. Now, many are being restored for residential and business use. It’s an exciting time in Okmulgee as a core group of believers lead a huge shift in the community’s perception of itself. The word is spreading . . . Okmulgee’s rising!

Photos from building tour:

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As a follower of Christ, my purpose is to follow the commands Jesus said were the most important, To love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and To love your neighbor as yourself. As an Oklahoma-based writer, photographer and lover of the outdoors, my purpose is to celebrate God's creation. Join me for imagery and adventure as I explore the world with camera and notebook. Contact Info: susan.dragoo@gmail.com or (405) 664-2253

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