Waiting for Daylight: The Lost Girls Tackle the Ozark Highlands Trail

“Girls, it’s 5:35!” “Thank God,” I think as I hear Mary’s words. Nights are long on the trail in late October. The sun sets early and there we are in camp, 13 hours of darkness ahead. Even a camp fire provides amusement for only so long. The four of us have been together all dayContinue reading “Waiting for Daylight: The Lost Girls Tackle the Ozark Highlands Trail”

Ozark Highlands Trail Association Presentation

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the monthly meeting of the Ozark Highlands Trail Association in Fayetteville, Arkansas to share a presentation/slide show about our 2012 Mount Everest Base Camp trek. I really enjoyed getting to do the talk and the OHTA was kind enough to give me an honorary membership patch, OHTAContinue reading “Ozark Highlands Trail Association Presentation”