Slot Canyons Without the Crowds

My favorite destinations often involve slot canyons. Click below for my article, “Slot Canyons Without the Crowds,” from OutdoorX4’s latest issue, with some recommendations for visiting slots that are both spectacular and somewhat off the beaten path. (Translate: Not Antelope Canyon) Slot Canyons – OutdoorX4 Issue 29

Okmulgee Lake Rising: A Pilgrimage

Above: Julie Monigold Roberds’ photo of the Lake Okmulgee Spillway The sun, low in the November sky, illuminates the yellow leaves of an overhanging tree; I duck beneath it, hopping from boulder to boulder on the shore of Lake Okmulgee. The water sparkles with late afternoon reflections but I’m attracted more by the huge limestoneContinue reading “Okmulgee Lake Rising: A Pilgrimage”

Gallery: The West is the Best

Hiking in southern Utah and northern Arizona in September of this year, I pinched off twigs of sage along the trail as I passed, crushing the leaves and blossoms with my fingers and cupping my hands to my face to inhale the scent, a scent I didn’t want to release. A few weeks later, theContinue reading “Gallery: The West is the Best”

Spring Hiking in the Ozarks

The dogwoods are in bloom; the redbuds are still flowering; and wildflowers are beginning to dot the landscape in violets and yellows as things green up in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. Bill and I spent the last couple of days with my parents, Jane and Jack Morgan, at their home on Beaver LakeContinue reading “Spring Hiking in the Ozarks”

Waiting for Daylight: The Lost Girls Tackle the Ozark Highlands Trail

“Girls, it’s 5:35!” “Thank God,” I think as I hear Mary’s words. Nights are long on the trail in late October. The sun sets early and there we are in camp, 13 hours of darkness ahead. Even a camp fire provides amusement for only so long. The four of us have been together all dayContinue reading “Waiting for Daylight: The Lost Girls Tackle the Ozark Highlands Trail”


Iceland, a sparsely populated, volcanic island in the north Atlantic, is known as the “Land of Fire and Ice” for good reason. Volcanic activity is commonplace, revealed through recently deposited lava fields, steam erupting from underground hot springs through the moss-covered turf, and black pumice-covered trails in the countryside. The earth is volatile in thisContinue reading “LAND OF FIRE AND ICE”

On the Bus to Shangri-La

(A story from our 2007 visit to China) “Is this bus going to Qiaotuo?” “Shangri-La,” says one of the seated passengers. Confused, we get off and return to the terminal to ask the gate agent. “Is this the bus to Qiaotuo?” Mark points through the glass to the bus sitting outside. “Yes. Qiaotuo.” “They saidContinue reading “On the Bus to Shangri-La”